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Beautiful Setting A wonderful environment for your children to flourish

Located inside the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Tall Pines offers a setting that's second to none. Contact us to set up a tour of the school and surrounding grounds.
50 Years More than fifty years and going strong

As of the 2011-2012 school year, Tall Pines has been serving the Nevada County community for 50 years and still excited about educating children. Share in our history and our future.
Parents Choice Award An award-winning school

Tall Pines is very proud to have won the Parents' Resource Guide 'Parents Choice' Award for the past three years!

Voting is open for the 2017 'Parents Choice' Award. Please click the link and vote for Tall Pines!
Co-Op Getting involved with your child's education

Tall Pines is a parent cooperative preschool where parents assist in the classroom on a rotating basis. This allows parents to take a more active position in the education of their child. Tall Pines is a unique and wonderful experience for both the child and parent.

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Welcome to Tall Pines Nursery School

Tall Pines Nursery School is a parent cooperative preschool where parents assist in the classroom on a rotating basis. We’ve been serving the families of our community for over 50 years with extremely high standards for the quality of our teaching staff, the curriculum and the relationship we form with parents and children. Licensed by the California Department of Social Services (#290300690) and members in good standing of the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Tall Pines offers your child:

  • A caring, nurturing and supportive environment
  • A place to grow as an individual at his or her own pace
  • Educated, experienced and professional teachers
  • A caring and dedicated community of parents who share your desire for a close, loving and safe environment for children.

Our Philosophy: For Learning and Growing

Tall Pines Nursery School staff believes in promoting a child’s natural curiosity. Creative play and a challenging curriculum encourage children to discover the best within themselves, and each other. Tall Pines helps teach the critical skills of thoughtful problem solving and positive communication. Children develop confidence in themselves and important learning skills that help ensure future success in school. As a parent watching your child create a beautiful painting or joining hands in a circle of friends instills memories you will carry with you throughout your life.

An important distinction of your experience at Tall Pines is we do not advocate a rigorous academic schedule.We believe this can hinder rather than help your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. At Tall Pines your child will explore, grow and discover at his or her own pace in a warm, accepting and positive environment.

We believe that discipline must be approached in a positive manner, emphasizing the appropriate, and minimizing the inappropriate. Developing self-control and learning about acceptable behavior is important for social and emotional development.

Our Mission

The Tall Pines curriculum emphasizes all the elements considered necessary to lay a strong educational foundation, preparing children for the social and academic demands they will experience after nursery school. It is designed to allow each child to develop social skills, physical coordination, language skills, and most importantly, a healthy self-image through his/her participation in a variety of activities. Our daily program includes free play, art projects, sharing, outdoor play, snack, circle singing, finger plays, discussions, and special events. Throughout each day special attention is given to teaching children how to interact, and solve their own problems in a cooperative, and respectful manner. In doing so, the Tall Pines experience assists in the process of teaching critical thinking and thoughtful problem solving at an early age. Early Childhood educators know it is this type of environment which lays a strong foundation for children to be successful when they begin attending formal school.

Tall Pines History

Tall Pines Cooperative Nursery School was founded in 1961 under the name of “Nevada County Cooperative Nursery School” by three local mothers. These mothers were looking for a positive play environment for their children where they could be personally involved. The school initially met at the Grass Valley Methodist Church, but outgrew this space within a year and moved to a building on the local Fairgrounds property. At this time the name of the school was changed to reflect the beautiful atmosphere of tall pine trees on the Nevada County Fairgrounds Property. Still growing, the school needed a larger space within another year and moved to the building which we have occupied ever since. Currently Tall Pines Nursery School enjoys full enrollment with waiting lists, a supportive Board of Directors, well managed finances, and a strong and positive community image.

What is a "Co-op" Nursery School?

A cooperative nursery school is a non-profit organization where you, as the parent, are an "assistant teacher." This eliminates the need for hiring additional teachers, reducing the cost of operation. The director, teachers, and business manager are the only paid personnel. Your participation by volunteering in your child's school environment means being involved with your child's learning. Your "behind the scenes" support helps aid in your child's success. Parents and teachers coming together for the betterment of children; we can't think of a better way for you and your child to start off their early education years!


We are still enrolling for the 2017-2018 school year!

Please contact our office to schedule a walk-through of our school. We love visitors! You and your child are welcome to hang out and see if Tall Pines feels comfortable for both of you.

Call (530) 273-4638 between 9am and 1pm on weekdays.