Ten Christmas Gift Ideas

1. Strider bike- They have no pedals and kids learn how to balance before they have to deal with the pedals.

2. Imaginext by Fisher Price- Great for imaginative play. This is like Little People of our time. My kids still play with theirs.

3. Games- Memory, Go Fish and High Ho the Cherry O are great games for young children. Playing games with kids gets them used to taking turns and can help them to play together with others.

4. Books- Books are always a great gift. I believe we can never have enough good books. Some of my favorite authors are Mo Willems (the Pigeon books), Ted Arnold (Fly Guy and Parts), and Dr. Seuss is always fun.

5. An Art Cart- It‘s fun for kids to have a set of art supplies at home. Keep crayons, markers and paper in one special container. You could even add glue sticks and stickers for fun.

6. A Bag of Balls- Fill a laundry bag fun of different sized balls. Kids love this.

7. Autoblocks- These are amazing. They are wooden cars that come apart and can be put back together in many different combinations. I like the minis because you have so many options.

8. Dress-Up Bin- Fill a Rubbermaid tub with all kinds of dress up clothes. Remember that dress up does not always have to be princess. Go to the thrift shops and see what you can find. This can help to expand your child’s imagination.

9. Puzzles- Floor puzzles are a great way for children to start to problem solve. Make sure they have big pieces and are not too difficult.

10. Blocks- Kids can build and make all kinds of things. Blocks are a never-ending activity.