Encourage Creativity

  • Take time with a child’s art.
  • Show respect for the art and the artist’s process.
  • Comment on lines, shapes, & colors: “I see you used these colors.”
  • Show curiosity: “How did you get this effect here?”
  • Comment on changes: “Your drawings look bigger these days.”
  • Ask open-ended questions: “Will you tell me about your picture?”
  • Provide fuel for creativity: “What other materials do you need?”
  • Collect recycled boxes, tubes, and lumber scraps. Make 3D creations.
  • Provide a variety of drawing, painting, and clay materials.
  • Avoid coloring books.

Parent Involvement

  • Research shows that parent involvement in their child’s education is positively related to learning and achievement.
  • How can parents nurture children’s creativity at home? Art can be a wonderful family activity.
  • Parents who understand the value of art are more likely to keep art supplies at home, designate a household area for “messy art”, and become involved in art themselves.
  • Parents and teachers working together to nurture creativity- imagine the possibilities!